Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Designing a Dressing Room

In order to keep the main bedroom nice and clutter-free I finally persuaded the other half that we should turn the second bedroom into a dressing room / walk-in wardrobe.

We didn't want to spend a fortune on traditional built-in units and I wanted a light, clean look where everything was easy to find and get to. After some research, including great articles on the Made By Girl blog and Apartment Therapy and many Pinterest pages, I decided that Ikea Pax planning might be in order...

The units come in two heights and three widths. The taller 236cm ones fit perfectly, giving lots of floor to ceiling storage, and after looking at different layouts I chose four 75cm wide units so that I could have separate sections for dresses, shoes, handbags and other clothing.

Two 75cm wide units

The units are fairly easy to assemble, you just need to check that there is enough height to stand the units up once you've built them, and it's best to line them all up and fix together before screwing the brackets to the wall.

There are a number of different shelving and storage options to put in the units. I initially planned to get the Komplement shoe shelves but close up they didn't look very sophisticated, so I eventually decided upon the Komplement shelves, drawers, clothes rails and glass shelves. I also ordered an interior chest of drawers for my accessories and Drona storage boxes to complete the look.

I consciously chose door-less cabinets to give a light. airy, open dressing room feeling rather than simply creating a room full of bland wardrobes.

This meant that I could add a few finishing touches such as cute door knobs from Zara home.

I also added the rarely advertised white stoppers that you can buy to hide the unused predrilled holes and am very pleased with the result!

I now have an awesome dressing room that makes storage and getting ready a breeze and the whole thing cost around £600 compared to built-in storage that would cost thousands.

I'm starting to think that with a bit of thought and imagination Ikea could have a place in every home or dare I even say every room??


  1. Hi! Is the interior set of drawers from the PAX system as well? I'm looking to redo my closet but I'm not a fan of the Komplement drawers. If you could let me know where you found these drawers that'd be great, thanks!

  2. Hi, yes the interior chest of drawers was from Ikea too. They used to sell a Komplement interior chest of 3 drawers with see through glass top, which could then be customized with your own handles, etc. Unfortunately I can't see it online anymore but hope you manage to find something similar. Good luck with your closet!